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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - UVayve

1. Is UV-C Disinfection system safe for home use?

- The UV-C Disinfection system incorporates certain safety measures for use by humans, which measures are detailed in the various safety instructions mentioned in the user manual. Auto cut-off feature is provided to avoid accidental UV-C radiation exposure for the user, never bypass the door switch or use the system with damaged front door.

2. For what products can I use UV-C Disinfection system? Will it disinfect the items from inside?

- The device is useful for surface disinfection, i.e. surface at which the UV-C radiation fall will be disinfected, items inside packaging, cover, utensils will not be disinfected, as UV-C rays will not travel through any surface including metal, plastic or even glass.

3. Which part of the items will be disinfected?

- The surfaces of object receiving UV-C light will be disinfected, UV-C Disinfection system has internal chamber made of Aluminium* which helps UV-C radiation to get reflected from the walls of the product.

*UVayve-20L only


4. Is the visible blue light the UV-C radiation?

- The UV-C lamp inside the product emits UV-C radiation as well as a blue glow visible to user. The blue light indicates that the disinfection operation is in process. The light visible to the eye is not UV-C (human eye cannot see UV-C radiation).


5. Do we need to evacuate the room while using the system?

- No, UV-C Disinfection system is closed from all sides during operation and contains UV-C radiation within the UV-C Disinfection system, keeping UV-C radiation in safer limits and thus there is no need to evacuate the room while using the system. Only visible light passes through the opening in front door, which is not harmful in anyway.

Note: Never bypass the door protection switch or use device with a damaged door.


6. Can water be purified using UV-C Disinfection system?

- The device is effective for surface disinfection of objects and not for treating drinking water.


7. Can the UV-C Disinfection system disinfect my mobile/ electronic items?

- Yes, the system can be used to disinfect electronic items like mobile, laptop, iPad/ tablet, etc.


8. How can I service the UV-C Disinfection system?

- The UV-C Disinfection system contains no user serviceable parts and for service-related query please contact authorized service team.


9. Can the product be used for disinfecting packed frozen food like Ice-cream?

- Yes, the system does not heat the object being disinfected, it can disinfect packed items in matter of minutes.


10. What should I do if the lamp inside the system is broken?

- A lamp breaking is extremely unlikely to have any impact on your health. In case of an accidental breakage, ventilate the room for 30 minutes and remove the parts, preferably with gloves. Put them in a sealed plastic bag and take it to your local waste facilities for safe disposal.


11. For how long can I expose any item to UV radiations?

- Expose the items to the radiations as per recommended time. Longer the exposure better is the disinfection. Repeated usage over a long time may result in some discoloration and change in surface property of objects.

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